Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Entry

OK so I have been putting in many hours and boy could I use a nap! After making my list of things that inspire me, I started working on elements of a sketch book to help get ideas flowing. I picked a few themes and I started playing with  them and I ended up using a weird combined theme of "Nature and Ribbons". Many of my my pieces are being made from already existing utilitarian objects that are made for single use and I am using them to make something that can be used multiples times. I then took my concept and applied it with different ways. I have probably made at least 20 pieces so far with this concept (sadly, I accidentally broke a few pieces, also). Most of what I made was serve-ware which I plan to show on my second critique and for my third and final critique, I plan to show the place-settings that I am currently working on (hopefully 3 different designs). In the way that I have been constructing them, I have been using lots of hand-building and slab techniques. I have thought of my designs as "maquets"- physical sketches up until now. For my final 3 place setting designs I am building them as actual dishes. I am really excited about this and I pray to G-d that they will come out well!

Below is a picture I took with my phone of one of the pieces that I am currently working on.
-Image says "Server Rejected" when I try to upload it and I don't know why.

--ok as of 12/11/10, I tried to upload again and it worked this time

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