Monday, September 27, 2010

Taking everyday, disposible vessels to make reusable utilitarian objects

I've been working a lot with different building techniques, for this set of dishes in particular I am using abstract slab building. I am using a rolling pin to roll the clay out finely and I am not forcing it to form a perfect square or circle. Whatever shape I get I am throwing it in or on top of plastic cups and bowls and sticking with the shape it makes. So far there has been this unique floral resemblance which I am very much enjoying. Once I make a good sample I stick to that process-- again I am letting the clay fall into place giving every piece natural variation. I have basically used mass-produced plasticware to form a one-of-a-kind set of dishes. So far I have made bowls and cups and I need to think about how to go about the plates. I am also hoping to do serving pieces and I would like to explore what would happen if I would stack a bunch of plasticware together (like 6 cups or so) and try wrapping clay around that. Hopefully all will go well. : )

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